About Dubetsky K9 Academy

Training Philosophy

We offer training in all types of dog training. Whether you are looking to make your pet the superstar of the ring or just trying to develop a better relationship, we have a program for you. Unsure what you'd like to try, contact us today to schedule an evaluation and get our Trainers input to make an informed decision!

Training with us will not be like any other training experience you or your pet have had. We will not simply tell you how to fix a problem, we will examine how you and your pet work together as a team, develop a training plan that is comfortable and fun for you. We will work with you and your pet every step of the way until your goal is reached. It is not just about teaching your dog a behavior, more importantly, it's about the relationship you are building that will last a lifetime. We encourage all members of the family to be a part of training! Contact us now to get started!

About Bryan Dubetsky

Bryan Dubetsky is the owner and trainer of Dubetsky K9 Academy. Bryan was born and raised in Newburgh NY. At the age of 20, he chose to defend his country and joined the United States Air Force. While in the Air force he specialized in the K9 Section of Security Forces, and graduated from United States Air Force Basic Handler’s Course. This is where he began his career in handling and training working dogs. He went on three deployments overseas (two of which with Explosive Detection Dogs). One of the dogs he was deployed with, Hhart, he adopted when he retired, they have a very special bond, and Hhart is one happy loved pup.

Bryan achieved many accomplishments within in the Air Force through specialized training. Listed below is the specialized training, accomplishments and experience he has received:


1. ATF “imprinting course” for homemade explosives prior to deployments

2. K9 SWAT course designed to better employ dogs in hostile situations

3. Provided Explosive Detection during stateside bomb threats

4. Provided explosive detection for President of the United States, Vice President and other foreign

and domestic dignitaries

5. Became a Lead Trainer responsible for the training of 20+ dogs at a time in basic obedience,

scent detection, patrol training (Finding someone in a building, finding someone in a field and the stages of protection -when to bite, how to bite, where to bite and when not to bite) as well as gunfire training, obstacle course, developing training plans, working on behavior modification and ensuring proper training techniques were utilized. From knowing nothing to passing certification.

6. Responsible for the development of 6-10 trainers at any given time and ensuring they are learning the most effective way to train a dog to meet the standards set forth by the Department of Defense. ​

Bryan is always busy doing something involving dogs and yet somehow always finds time to volunteer,in order to help others and also gain knowledge and experience. Listed below is some of the volunteer work he has done, along with experience and knowledge he has gained outside of the air force.

1. Joined local Schutzhund Club, helped training director train club dogs and certified as a

Schutzhund USA Helper

2. Joined Local area Search and Rescue organization and developed more knowledge and

experience in the realm of area search, tracking and trailing.

Bryan isn’t just about giving back to his country, volunteering, and training amazing dogs, he is also a family man. He has a very supportive other half who loves pups just as much as he does (she’s the nurturer not the trainer and makes some tasty treats) and together they have a beautiful baby girl who is almost 2 years old (she likes to yell “sit” “no” “good dog” and “yes”.) His love and passion for dogs is involved in every aspect of his life, right down to his little girl who thinks she is the first baby dog trainer.