Bronco's Life

Ok, So, I decided to create an account of everything I'm doing with the new pup for a couple reasons:

- To outline that I'm actually living what I'm telling you all to do.

- To show you that even with 10 years experience, mistakes will be made and learning will occur....At both ends of the leash

- The struggles of training a working pup when your professional life isn't dog related (anymore)

I encourage questions and comments. I may have done something that wasn't the norm, and for the most part I'm intentional with the things I'm doing but sometimes things happen.

It's meant to be lighthearted and provoke thought so have fun with it. Please note: I'm not an English major so ease on the grammar and spelling corrections!

Heres a little about Bronco to start:

Hes a Malinios/Dutch Shepard mix. Not sure on the percentage of mixture but both his parents are brindle and mostly dutchies. He came from Iron Sight K9. He was born on April 30, 2019.

His actual training path is undetermined. I want to train him in whatever his abilities lead him. If he hunts well then some sort of scent work, if he bites well a sport for that both if he is able.

Lets see what happens...