Bronco's Life Week 1

So this has been eventful.

The goal of this week was to not say the word "NO" and see what types of behaviors he favors or what type of attitude he has with as little interference from us as possible. Very little regimented training was accomplished (on purpose). For the same reasons I don't want to say the word "NO". I just want him to settle in and see what he's got.

Turns out puppies really love to tug on the bottom of Ella's dresses. This is great because he gets some real life experience with an unhappy decoy yelling, crying and trying to run away. Unfortunately for me this means I need to figure out a way to not hinder or put limits on him and allow him to get comfortable.

Another great trait he has is making sure EVERYONE in the house knows when he's in his kennel. It's like a living, breathing, permanently activated Tile product. This is probably the most aggravating for me because nothing messes with my sleep! So this will be the first thing worked on.

As with all new pups to any family, he truly finds purpose in leaving presents around the house. I don't think anything more needs to be said here....

Ok so there are the issues we developed during the week. Can't really complain too much, he's really been awesome. Here is how I'm tackling those issues within the first week and keeping with the theme of letting him get use to the house, us, and letting his ambitions come out.

So for the housebreaking. I've always had success with the traditional bring him to the spot he had the accident. Give a polite reminder that's unacceptable and then bring him outside to finish. Timing is everything. If its been too long the association won't be as strong so there is no use even attempting a correction or taking him out because he just won't understand CLEARLY why. So after a week of this, continued praising outside he will now exit the doggy door by himself when he needs to go to the bathroom. If the doggie door is locked then we still have a little problem. This tells me the association is made, he knows where he needs to go, now we have to work on him telling me when its time. So, know big deal.

As far as the kennel. We moved him into the living rooms so he can see us, and put him in a wire kennel. No more issues. We found the balance where he's comfortable and we are not completely catering to him. Now we can slowly work with the more closed kennels to get him comfortable using them.

With him tugging on the dresses. We remove him and replace the dress with his toy and he will leave the dress alone. This will be addressed later we just need to make it bearable.

So far, the kids are okay with him and the wife is tolerating him so I can't ask for more. Lets see what happens when training starts!!!