Bronco's Life Week 2

The big take away this week is the text I got from Charlene saying "Sadie and Bronco are actually bonding! I caught them both eating crayons together in the corner of the living room".

Perfect...Bronco is going to crap rainbows and my daughter has a shot at being a Marine.

The issues from last week are pretty much still where they were. I've had to work some pretty long hours so as long as the complaints are kept manageable, I left it alone.

I took bronco outside with me before work. I will get a little workout in and he will sniff around, explore the area. I like to do this because its not the backyard (where he goes all the time) there are more distractions. People walking by, cars on the road, my music, the slamming of whatever equipment I'm using (I have to let everyone know I'm working out or it technically didn't happen). Plus if he's with me then he's not getting in trouble somewhere else. He's done great! he responds well when I call him. Whenever he returns he gets praised.

Note: WHENEVER I call him, even if its for something bad, the act of him coming to me is never negative. he will get petted and praised....then we will handle business.

We went to two different parks. I wanted to assess his environmental and nerve strength. We were able to climb on the equipment...crawl over rocks...walk through some water. With food in front of him he's a monster. If he's asked to do these things for the very first time and with no food he's really timid. He still kind of walks behind me. I've encouraged him to walk either next to or in front of me. Over a multitude of surfaces. He really is doing well for week 2. We started working some positions. Again, using food this is not going to be an issue.

I would have loved to get some more work in at the park but on BOTH occasions Ella threw a fit when we wanted to walk around. After some intense negotiations the game changer was thrown out...."If you don't knock it off we're leaving!!"....She called me on it both days... Not surprised, she's as stubborn as her mother. So we had to leave. To be continued.

Started working some beginner bite work. Just some soft toys. I'm in love with how he handles this. I haven't seen a ton of ball drive but just wait for the bite videos. 9 Weeks old and he has a hell of a hold and can withstand some light pressure. Really like it.

He's starting to get disciplined more in the house for biting us when we are just walking. Charlene jumping around to avoid him is pretty funny to watch but we need to get him to knock that off. A couple of stern corrections and he backs off. Him and Bronx have started to play which is cool. Bronco is about as tough as Bronx at this point so soon it will be very one sided in Bronco's favor.

Topic of concerns that will be addressed coming up. Still opening him up to new areas and people!! This is the biggest. Also, getting him to not dive into his food bowl. Just establish a little control there. and then continued training in the same manner for now.