Bronco's Life Week 4

So my goal for this week was twofold. I wanted Ella to get more time learning how to ride her bike and I NEEDED to get more time with Bronco on some sort of training plan.

Did either of those goals get met? Absolutely not. Is that even a surprise?

Life got in the way yet again. I can say with a smile on my face that Ella did get more time on her bike and Bronco did get more training than last week! Just not as much as I would have liked.

Sadie is walking, which is great but now I must keep an extra eye on her. Now she’s a target so Bronco keeps an extra eye on her as well.

I saw a ton of videos of dogs being trained to stand on a bowl and pivot. I didn’t really understand why so I thought, screw it. Let’s train it. So, I’ve worked on it for roughly 3 days and its actually pretty useful. My initial thought was it was a good idea because a lot of dogs have problems with being able to operate there back end from their front end. As I’ve been working it, I’ve seen a better “Here” response with him nosing right into me. I think this is effective for different sports and a more precise “here”. Does that specific factor matter for the everyday dog owner, no, not at all. I think there will be some significant benefits in the heel though. More of that to follow.

Ella is doing well on her bike. She has a hard time pedaling uphill but hey she’s 4 so can’t expect triathlete standards just yet. We have a short driveway, so she likes to go into the road. So, like any good parent I teach her to look both ways and only enter it 1. If its clear and 2. If I’m there. I make her check the road as well as clear her path, which sometimes end in the road being called “clear” and her falling in the grass because multitasking is an issue, but we get back up and get on with it. We live on a very desolate road so cars are rare but when they are you can see them from a long way off. A lot of the time she will stop in the middle and I’ll remind her cars are around. I feel like nothing puts pressure on like “cars are coming, you better figure it out” …is she in any real danger? No, I know better than that. Does it make her think fast and make a decision to pedal harder or get off and push? Yes. So, this is where I dust my shoulders off and drop the mic as a father and say “job well done”.

We have a guest in the house. A dog we are watching. Bronco did his little, “I don’t know if I like you so I will be weary” both of the dog and the owner. He recovered super-fast and it wasn’t an issue. I had the stranger give him treats when he would walk up to him without being called and all was well. As the week went on both Bronco and the new visitor began playing and not only tolerated each other but would lay next to each other. Bronco may be weary at first but he is doing a great job of being comfortable and nonconfrontational.

Took Bronco to some new places today and he threw up in the car again. This time all over Ella. So that was great. She was crying, he was crying, I was crying…It was perfect.

Seriously, I have seen this a lot in puppies, motion sickness. It will go away (hopefully). Just have to be more careful when we are travelling.